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After what was such an amazing year for us, we are excited to announce that next year's fair will be going ahead on June 2nd 2018. Planning meetings are in the calendar and we're putting our heads together on how we can make things even bigger and better next year.

The festival is run solely by volunteers; we are all ages and from many different walks of life, providing our community with one of the most open and experience-rich community groups that exists in Cambridge. We are also almost entirely self-funded and the efforts we go to every year to ensure we reach the budgets required are quite significant. We welcome anyone who would like to help get this year's ball rolling .. particularly in thinking about how we secure our helpers for the event itself next year as well as the build and breakdown which spans a week and a half where we directly occupy Midsummer Common.

If you are interested in learning about how a large public event is run - then we could really help you add something credible to your CV. There are so many different skills in play with an event like this; we have a great portfolio of people you can learn from whether it be marketing, press, social media, finance, infrastructure, programming, managing traders or running the production office not to mention our affiliation with The Cambridge Band Competition and the Strawberry Jam open mic nights.

Throughout the rest of this year Strawberry Fair volunteers will be specifically working on a number of fundraising events, as well as planning for the different areas and stages next year.

If you'd like to be involved in any way - please email us at - we're sure we can find something that you'd be interested in!

Strawberry Fair is a free one day arts and music festival in Cambridge organised and run by Strawberry Fair Community Interest Company for the people of Cambridge. The event is run as a series of areas – each curated by a group of people who are responsible for the activities within their area. This year the theme for the fair is “heroes”, and typically groups such as Love Music, Hate Racism, Rebel Arts, Cambuskers, Friends of the Earth, Cambridge 105 Radio as well as other teams of individuals with a common interest apply to be involved in the Fair.

If you are part of a group that have an idea for an arts or music activity at the fair and would like to join us in 2018, it's still not too late to apply. Please request an application from our Head of Programming, Greg Butler:

The deadline for applications is the 15th November 2017.
If you need any help or guidance in filling in the form feel free to call Greg on 01223 872 937.

Cambridge's favourite festival of music and the performing arts

From humble beginnings, Strawberry Fair has grown to be the most popular free, entirely volunteer run, one day music & arts event in Cambridge (and probably across Europe!), attracting over 30,000 visitors throughout the day. On the first Saturday of June and now passed our 40th year, residents and visitors have gathered together on Midsummer Common to celebrate their vibrant and creative city.

The Fair is run entirely by volunteers (affectionately known as Strawberry Fairies) who give their energy, imagination and vision to present to their friends and neighbours in Cambridge a great free day out.

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