We are very sad to tell you that Strawberry Fair 2020 is, like many events in Cambridge and across the UK, cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.
I am sure you are wondering whether we could have waited to see what happens between now and 6th June. The simple answer is that even if the pandemic was largely over by 6th June, and that is far from certain, the only way that we can make the Fair happen is if we actively fundraise and recruit volunteers. These would be constant activities from now to the end of May and doing this during a national shutdown is unrealistic and, frankly, insensitive.
By waiting, we could also be letting our traders and suppliers make investments that would be wasted if we cancel shortly before the Fair is due to happen. We have no desire to have that happen.
This is a decision that has been made by all of us together.
We are all devastated as we know the impact that cancellation will on our traders, charity partners and performers.
We are thinking of other things that we could do over the Spring and Summer and then going forwards to next year's Fair.
The Fair is run and supported by volunteers who are part of their local communities and we have lots of ideas for not only including people, but entertaining them as well.
We are also looking at how to make Strawberry Fair 2021 twice as great.
Look after yourselves, stay safe and keep in touch.
We are still here, so watch this space…..
The Strawberry Fairies


Welcome to Cambridge’s most popular event. We’re free, we’re volunteer-led and we’ve been going for over 40 years.

Next year’s festival is happening on June 6th 2020. We'll be announcing the theme later in the year.

Information about what’s on at the Fair is can be found under ‘Areas & Events’.

If you want to get involved in volunteering with us ‘Support the Fair’, and for more information on being a trader, check out the ‘Traders’ section.

Join the Green Team!

Strawberry Fair is forming a Green Team to look at how we can make the Fair more sustainable, reduce waste nd increase recylcing.

Come along and find out what we do and suggest how we can improve it!

If you want to trade at Strawberry Fair on 6th June 2020, applications will open in November.

Want to get more involved? Then come along to one of our regular meetings to find out what it's all about! See 'Strawberry Fair Committee Meetings' below.

The Strawberry Fair Committee

Join the Green Team!

If you can't wait to get involved, why not come along to the next Strawberry Fair Green Team Meeting on Saturday 14th September?

Venue to be confirmed.

Every-one welcome! Come along and find out what we do and suggest how we can improve it!

Pay a visit to our page by going to About Us > Get Involved! > Green Team.

Strawberry Fair is forming a Green Team to look at how we can make the Fair more sustainable, reduce waste and increase recyclng.

For more details, contact:
or contact us on our Facebook page:

Cambridge's Favourite Festival of Music and Community Arts

From humble beginnings, Strawberry Fair has grown to be the most popular free, entirely volunteer run, one day music & arts event in Cambridge (and probably across Europe!), attracting over 30,000 visitors throughout the day. On the first Saturday of June and now passed our 40th year, residents and visitors have gathered together on Midsummer Common to celebrate their vibrant and creative city.

The Fair is run entirely by volunteers (affectionately known as Strawberry Fairies) who give their energy, imagination and vision to present to their friends and neighbours in Cambridge a great free day out.

Help! Volunteer At Strawberry Fair

Strawberry Fair is a Volunteer Run Not-For-Profit Organisation run entirely by a team of volunteers (The Fairies!) who work throughout the year (yes it really does take that long to organise!) sorting out everything to do with the Fair; from finding artists and organising stages, to managing traders and fundraising, right through to working out how many toilets are needed....!!

Strawberry Fair couldn't happen without all of the people who, generously, volunteer their time and effort throughout the to make our unique event happen.

If you would like to be part of the largest free festival in the UK you can -
Fill in our volunteer form:
Email us at:
Or, simply come to one of our meetings (see meeting dates below) and talk to members of the Committee.

Whatever your interests and whatever your skills, the Fair NEEDS your help, which will always be much appreciated!
Volunteering for Strawberry Fair is a great opportunity to get experience and develop skills in the Events, Marketing and Arts industries, to meet new people, to get to know your Cambridge community and to have fun - and, of course, a gt a fantastic sense of team achievement when it all comes together on the day itself.

Whether you'd like to help with planning throughout the year, the preparation of the site or simply on the day itself, there is always space and we would love to hear from you. Don't worry if you don't think you have any relevant skills, there's a place for everyone!

Strawberry Fair Committee Meetings

The next Committee meeting will be held at the NCI Sports and Social Club, Holland Street on:

8th January 2020

All meetings 7.30 for 8pm start.
Meetings are open to everyone so feel free to come along and join in with organising Strawberry Fair.

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