12 Weeks to Go !!

We are now officially only 12 weeks away from this year’s festival and we are busier than ever behind the scenes. Each month brings new challenges for the volunteer teams who help put the fair together throughout the year. As ever, we are still very much in need of volunteers for the event across all areas and if you’re interested in getting involved either now or nearer the time, please contact us through http://strawberry-fair.org.uk/pages/get-involved/

First Update for 2017

There are 17 weeks to go until Strawberry Fair 2017!

Let The Festivities Commence

There was really only one place to be this Saturday if you wanted to get into the festive spirit, and that was Mill Road Winter Fair! The Strawberry Fair team were out in full force with a stall in Argyle Street, individuals busking in various locations and we were even riding the sound system through the crowd on our Strawberry Fair bike.

November 2016 - Strawberry Fair Update

Muster up some magic and summon up your inner pixie, find your invisibility cloak and dig out your wand for we are proud to announce the theme of our 2017 fair is ... (*fanfare plays) FAIRY TALES! Welcoming all fairy godmothers and unicorns, giants and goat-munching trolls (not we hasten to add, the horrible online ones - wrong party), princes and queens, ogres and elves, trees that talk and magic books, cats that wear boots, snow queens, naughty goblins, fire-breathing dragons, whispering woods and unusual wardrobes and very unpunctual rabbits, we can't wait to see you on June 3rd. It's going to be amazing!

Strawberry Fair 2017 - the planning is underway!

Strawberry Fair is delighted to announce its return for another year with a new date set for 3rd June 2017. Following the huge success that was ‘Wild life’ 2016, Cambridge organisers have gathered after the summer’s break and already, exciting ideas and plans are underway for next year's festival.