Day Two of Build Week

Strawberry Fair, Day Two, Tuesday 31st May

A Tough Day

Today it rained, and then it rained some more and then it rained a lot more.

Putting up fences is a hard enough job at the best of times but today was the worst day on site that anyone could remember. If the weather wasn’t enough, we also said goodbye to Drew Park today.

Despite the weather we started early and fenced out the crew compound, unloading areas and parking and so on through the morning. By the time we went to the Portland Arms for lunch we were soaked through and dried out by dripping all over the pubs floor. The glamour of festival life was never so keenly demonstrated.

Drew’s funeral was a lovely service and a fitting tribute to a much loved man, with a great wake at the Portland afterwards. A lot of the site crew went to the funeral, of course, but some stayed on site to carry on putting up fences and a lot got done before we headed to the wake.

There is lots more fencing to be done tomorrow so if you have a few free hours come to Midsummer Common and ask for Mark, or Volunteer Coordinator, who will give you a Health and Safety Briefing and introduce you to the crew. No need to arrange a time but lunch is between 12 and 1 (roughly) so there will be less people around then.

See you on the Common!