Strawberry Fair 2016 – Day One, Monday 30 May 2016

‘Marking Out Monday’ is both very important and relatively leisurely. At least it is when compared with what is to come during the rest of the week.

Basically marking out consists of taking scale drawings of the layout of the Fair and then measuring out the common and painting the locations of all the areas, stall lines and so on. If it’s wrong it can make the build just that bit harder than it needs to be.

The other big job of the day was delivering news letters  to all the houses near to the common. Near being a loose term as one of the volunteers has an app that said it took 17000 steps to complete, which is a reasonable enough workout.

There is an even better workout to be had tomorrow.  Fencing arrives on site tomorrow, around 3km of it, and it all needs to be put up on Tuesday and Wednesday (and Thursday if there is any left to put up).

Tomorrow is also the funeral and wake for Drew Park and we could really use all the help we can get on site. It is not all lifting and carrying, the individual panels are held together by clamps that need tightening up and help with that job is as needed as help with moving fence panels.

There may well be other things to do on site but the fences are the biggie. If you are free for a few hours please come and help if you can…it will be much appreciated