Strawberry Fair 2016 The Last Update

Sunday 5th June to Wednesday 8th June

Strawberry Fair 2016 is now officially over as the last of it has left Midsummer Common which has been returned to its normal pastoral condition, looking much the same as before we arrived last week.

The Fair itself went fantastically well, but you already know that. The day became drier, and occasionally sunny, the music and entertainment was brilliant, the activists were inspiring, the traders were trading, and pretty much everyone had a great time.

For the Strawberry Fair volunteers, the Finale on Saturday night did not signal the end of the Fair.  Far from it. Strawberry Fair had to be unbuilt and taken away. After a week of building it in mostly atrocious weather it is ironic that the weather totally turned around and became very sunny and very hot while we took it down. Working outside in the sunshine sounds okay doesn’t it? Well then,  consider, if you will, that most of the common did not have any shade, and also that taking down 3km of fencing was almost as much work as putting up 3km of fencing and that everyone was tired out from build week and from the Fair itself.  Also consider that all the areas, from Scarecrow Corner to Eastern Bloco to Super Mega Zone and everything in between also had to be taken down. 

So there we were, working away in the hot sun for four more days until everything was cleared away and we could lie down in the only bit of shade. Our regular volunteers were joined by quite a few new volunteers this year, and I would like to say a huge thankyou to everyone who worked on the Fair, from being a part of the committee through the year, to running and working on the many Areas, to the site crew, to fork lift drivers, to traffic marshals, to stewards, bucket shakers, traders team, production and so much more.

Strawberry Fair is hard work. But it is a lot of fun as well. Being part of Strawberry Fair means joining a group of very dedicated people, every one of whom contributes their enthusiasm, talent and experience to organising, building and managing the Fair.

We start again in September and details of the new years meetings will appear on Facebook and on our website. Strawberry Fair is organised by a committee of volunteers and anyone who wants to get involved can come to the meetings, can say their piece and contribute in so many ways. Between now and Saturday 3rd June 2017 there is a festival to plan, benefit gigs to run, the Mill Road Winter Fair to go to, volunteer fairs to attend, the Cambridge Band Competition to run, fundraising to do, traders to book, acts to book, budgets to set, t-shirts and posters to design, a theme to agree on…..Strawberry Fair is really more than just a day in June.

Have a great summer and we will see you next year on Midsummer Common, if not before.