Strawberry Fair 2017 - the planning is underway!

Strawberry Fair is delighted to announce its return for another year with a new date set for 3rd June 2017. Following the huge success that was ‘Wild life’ 2016, Cambridge organisers have gathered after the summer’s break and already, exciting ideas and plans are underway for next year's festival.

One of the stand-out qualities of this organisation is the dedication of its team; all volunteers from every walk of life, representing a host of different professions who come together every year with one vision: to make the festival happen. The team give of their evenings and weekends to attend planning meetings, promote the fair and help renovate furniture and build staging and structures. And, making most of the Autumn sunshine, flurries of creative fairy activity have already started to take place! These last two Sundays have seen an enthusiastic group of volunteers get together with their paints to give the Strawberry Fair bins a new lease of life!

A firm favourite was the rainbow and clouds design produced by one of our youngest volunteers, Erin Horler, who surprised herself at how creative you actually can get with a rubbish bin! 

“Finished! I think I might have to take for another, I enjoyed painting it more than I thought I would!”    

Erin Horler  - Strawberry Fair volunteer 

Everyone enjoyed it so much, bin painting parties are set to return over the next few weekends. Watch the group and page for details of times and locations or email us at: if you fancy joining us. 

Fundraising events for the fair are already scheduled up to Christmas with the following from Scarecrow Corner:

Date Line-up Venue
Wed 23rd Nov RatBag plus The Skraelings and The Brewer's Daughter The Portland Arms
Wed 14th Dec (tbc) plus Dogshite and support The Portland Arms 
Sun 18th Dec Spoken word and Music featuring Greasy Strings, The Brewer's Daughter, Murder Ballads, Dave Crowbarr, Johnny Marvel, Mark McGivern and Bella Basura The Devonshire Arms 
Thurs 26th Jan Bansheeva plus Dig and Warning Shadows The Portland Arms 

Coming up in the next few weeks, there is also the Poster Competition and the T-Shirt Competition where the exciting opportunity of designing this year’s merchandise and publicity is offered over directly to the budding artists of the local community.  This will be launched once a theme has been decided at the next 'Programming' meeting scheduled for Wednesday October 12th.

So you see, there is much to be done behind the scenes whether it be choosing next year’s theme, writing stage proposals, coordinating the various competitions and organising fundraisers that are about to launch or even painting a bin!  If you fancy getting involved, please give us a shout or come along to one of the meetings. 

Here is the upcoming meeting schedule for the month: 

Date          Time Time & Location 
5th October Infrastructure 8pm, NCI, Holland Street
12th October Programming 8pm, NCI, Holland Street
19th October General 8pm, NCI, Holland Street
26th October  Finance and Fundraising  8pm, NCI, Holland Street