The Ancient and Esteemed Strawberry Fair Environment Team invites you to stick it (in a bin)!

Well, it's not Strawberry Fair's most glamorous job, but someone's got to clear up and recycle after the party.

We need willing bods from Thursday before the Fair to the Wednesday afterwards to help set up, clear up and pack up for possibly the quickest, slickest and greenest litter picking and recycling operation in the entire universe.

To get a warm fuzzy feeling from boldly going where most fairgoers fear to tread, contact our Green Guru and Master of the Bins, Ian, through environment@strawberry-fair.org.uk to find out what's involved.

We collected over 10,000 cans in 2013. Can you help us do better?

Big Thanks

Many thanks to Greenhams and Travis Perkins for giving us very generous discounts on our rubbish bags and sacks; you guys have really gone above and beyond.

Mobile Phones

Strawberry Fair needs your old/unfashionable/megapixelly-challenged phone. Don't throw it in a bin or leave it lurking in the back of a drawer, give it to us... ..and we can turn it into actual fun by the magic of recycling.

You can drop off your old ones off at these awesomely fab pubs, run by Steve and Hayley, long-time supporters of Strawberry Fair: The Hopbine, The Portland, or at The Urban Larder - well worth a visit even if you're not weighed down by obsolete portable communications devices.