Green Team

Strawberry Fair Green Team

Looking at ways to make Strawberry Fair more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

2nd Strawberry Fair Green Team Meeting Saturday 14th September 2019
At the Coop Hut on Argyle Street - Minutes

Items Discussed and agreed actions: All to be updated at the next meeting.

Power Consumption

Solar Power

Scarecrow corner has a solar powered stage – and Small World Festival is all solar powered.

Talking to Puffin who provide solar powered equipment and looking into practicalities for increasing the use of solar power.

Also consider using solar power for lighting towers.

Cycle power

Can we introduce it? – would be great to involve the public.

Public workshops making windmills to demonstrate wind and solar power to engage families.

Whole team in favour of cutting down on vehicle use. Could look into cost of hiring vehicle to pick up musicians and instruments. And how that would work?

Approach CHYYPS re using their van and driver in return for free stall for their Scrapstore (in Kids area) and do family activities also?

- Investigate how much power is used – largest item in budget?

- Look into using local company for fencing

- Costings to be discussed with infrastructure team for buying local (with skirts to discourage glass bottles being posted underneath?)

Reusable Resources

Cable ties

- At the next meeting – identify areas where reusable cable ties, string and single use cable ties are best used. IR to look into costs.

- Reusable pints and half pint pots.

- Exploring options with the Portland and Cambridge Event Bars.

Options discussed:

A. Bars provide their own reusable cups which can be returned for a deposit (As put in practice at the Cambridge Folk Festival)

B. Strawberry Fair buy branded cups which are sold in the Merch tent then returned to exits for a deposit.

C. A combination of the two.

- Practicalities & costings to be discussed at Green team meetings

Reducing waste and litter


Looking into costings for bin covers with holes in to put in rubbish (with words/pictures denoting what goes in the bin.)

We have 100 bins with 20 out in the community – Chasing those via facebook.

Next meeting – look into where the bins are sited – do we need more in the food areas?

Educating the public

Developing ideas for structures next to exits where focus can be put on the left litter.

First thoughts – a boatlike structure where used, empty cans can be put into and made into an art installation the following year (washed & stored under the bridge) other thoughts – a can maize, a can trail.

Water provision

Water Points

This year we had two main water feeds with a third not working effectively (the one by the Armadilloos).

Ideally we need 3 (or more but that would be down to the council) and need the water to be certified as drinking water by Wednesday so as to be ready when the traders start coming.

- Water points need to be more visible – with scaffolding and prominent signage. To be discussed with infrastructure team.

 -Contacted Cambridge Water (awaiting reply) to ask about availability & costings for the beautiful Water Points that they provided to the Folk Festival.
On their website Cambridge Water state that they work with Water Aid so we would like to link in with that if possible.

- Asking Folk Festival contact for contact details.

- Provide water in big containers for crew to reduce queues at water points?

Compost Toilets

Eco benefits: Waterless, Chemical free, reduced truck movements & green house gas emissions (150 compost loos fits into same space as 26 portaloos), environmentally sustainable

Been in touch with Natural Event composting Systems whose tag line is – Changing the World from the Bottom Up J

They have provided Compost toilets & urinals for festivals such as Bestival, Boomtown & Glastonbury.

- The toilets come flat packed and are put together by their own people on site. They are a team of 4 and will need to stay in their own caravans. We will need to supply a telehandler forklift to get the stillage off the truck. The toilets are self-levelling.

- They would do 3-4 cleans throughout the day. The waste is removed after the event. Looking at the info booklet we may need to provide empty water tanks if we have them on site for other waste water reasons such as traders or showers, but they can provide them if not.

- Everything is provided – compost, soap & loo roll

- Cost dependent on configuration of toilets across the site

- e.g. 100 toilets in a row needs 101 sides & 100 singles needs 200 sides

- Very keen to do a deal with us if we can promote them/encourage others to use them (first thoughts - free advert in programme, put on SF Website, mentions on Q105, anything we can do through other festival contacts?)

This is a link to their information booklet which explains how it all works -

Discussions to be had at the next meeting – price comparisons between portaloos & compost loos, provide compost loos across the whole site or trial an area or two?

Hiring toilets for the disabled

- Natural events also provide toilets for the disabled


Green Theme for next year’s fair

Just one suggestion – Green.....

Decision made to roll it over to the next meeting and see if we get any other suggestions for comparison.


Liliana Lopatel and Johana Learmonth:

Raise the profile of the bins and raise funds for the fair by auctioning off the most artistic ones (or ones painted by Heron Heron) could be an option if we can purchase other bins to replace them.

Mike Wilson (East Anglian Festival founder) drew our attention to:

Powerful Thinking which is a think-do tank which brings together festivals, suppliers and environmental organisations to explore ways to reduce the costs and carbon through increased efficiency and alternatives, and share findings to promote lower carbon industry. It aims to provide clear guidance and resources to festival organisers about approaches to sustainable power and to drive a market for renewable energy supply at festivals, understanding and accounting for the business and cost restraints.

- Suggested that we start measuring our progress on the following subjects: Energy, Waste, Water & Food Waste, travel.

- East Anglian Festival Show - Bury St Edmunds on Wed 2 Oct 2019.

This is a one day annual event to bring together festival organisers, venues and suppliers from across East Anglia to share expertise, network and identify a new supply chain of opportunities which can benefit the environment, the audience, the event industry and the regional economy.

Suggested we think about the programme:

- Put in info regarding what we have put in place eco – wise

- Look into whether the programme is recyclable

Suggested we follow other festivals and look into using recyclable lanyards, pens and wristbands.

Date and venue for next meeting:

Saturday 19th October 2-4pm at the Hut in the Argyle Street Co-op

Items carried over to the next meeting:

· Strategies for recruiting more team members

· Recruiting Litter heroes

· List in each area what is being done already and what people would to see being implemented. (Ian to invite Area Heads once positions have been confirmed in the upcoming elections)

· Preparing the social media strategy throughout the year

Ist Strawberry Fair Green Team Meeting 17th August 2019 - Minutes

Our inaugral meeting on the 17th August was a great success and we came up with the following ideas to get started on:

Power Consumption

  • Look into how more areas could be solar or wind powered. Scarecrow Corner already has solar powered stage and stage  lighting.
  • Reduce number of vehicles used by Areas.

Reusable Resources

  • Look into costings for using reusable cable ties for the whole site or a trial area.
  • Ban sale of single use plastic bottles and cups by traders.
  • Look into cost of SF  bars providing plastic pint & half pint cups (with SF Logo)  that can be bought then redeemed at site bars as seen successfully  used at the Cambridge  Folk Festival.
  • Traders already using paper plates and cups  and wooden cutlery as per contract  but SF kitchen used some single use items this year.

Reduce Waste and Litter


  • These are emptied during the day.
  • More bins needed – we have about a 100 with 20 to come back.
  • Purchase bin covers with holes in and pictures or words indicating what should be put in them.

Litter Picking:

  • Encourage collective responsibility
  • Green Team to recruit Litter Hero’s to help the areas during the day and night in keeping the areas clean.

Water Provision:

  • Check that everyone participating is complying with the ‘no plastic disposables allowed on site’ requirement in the Management Control Document.
  • Can Water Aid or Cambridge Water can supply water stations?
  • Need a Plan of Action regarding signage for Water Stations.

Start setting the scene for Festival Goers to understand that we are making Green Issues a focus :

  • Put relevant posts and memes on SF Facebook pages during the year updating the pages on what we are putting in place.
  • Bullet Point signage at entrances (and possibly railway stations where there are a lot of people passing through on their way to the festival) stating expectations – wording to be decided at another meeting.
  • Suggest making the theme of next year’s fair something that reflects Green issues to help with setting the theme – SM to post on Strawberry Fairies FB Page asking for name ideas and the winning theme will be chosen at the next Green Team meeting and suggested at the Strawberry Fair meeting when the theme is decided on.
  • Look into setting up Art Installations that would demonstrate Litter reuse/disposal creatively. (whole team)

Other Suggestions:

  • Compost Toilets
  • Disabled Toilet/s with hoist to be discussed  at in the next Green Team meeting.


Look into hiring localy to cut down on transport carbon footprint.

Look into cost of hiring fencing with skirts compared to cost of 2 extra security guards to patrol the fencing in an attempt to reducethe  number of glass bottles that get rolled under the fencing we currently use.

Organisations to make contact with (for potential Litter Heros):

  • Friends of the Earth
  • Greenpeace
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Keep Britain Tidy

The group decided that we will meet monthly.

The date for the next meeting is Saturday 14th September – Venue to be confirmed – every-one welcome!

For more details, contact:
or contact us on our Facebook page: