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The Random Bullsh*t Generator is proud to misrepresent your hours at the Strawberry Fair once again to tickle your sides and put a SMILE on your face.

It is common knowledge that you shouldn't meet your heroes as you may be disappointed. You put your heroes on a pedestal so high that they can never life up to your expectations, and in real life when you meet your hero they might be having a bad day and they might act like a dick.

We say you are your own hero, so act like one and don't be a dick.

Everyone who makes it out of bed in the morning (or early afternoon) is a hero. Well done you, you got over the first hurdle of the day. That was heroic and quite a challenge for a lot of us.

We have a bunch of heroes who have made it out of their beds who have helped to build, prepare, and put on the Random Bullsh*t stage. We have struggled, sweated and sworn at each other (a lot) to make this happen at Strawberry Fair this year.

We will be having some silly games where you can become the 'Hero of the Minute- become a winner and we might give you a star, you lucky buggers. We'll be looking for entries for the 'Bell End of the year Award' so get your mates down there and tell us why they are a Bell End, the audience will decide who wins.

As we really don't believe in heroes, as we are all heroes, it's canceled out and we are all just dicks.

Our Big Event:

I have a duo from the late 80s and early 90s who I admire as they made a big impact on my life.

So I am putting together a performance which is a tribute to this (not just a) band the KLF, aka The Time Lords, and forever known as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, explaining where they got their
influences from and what they are doing now 23 years after they burned a million quid.

Come by in the afternoon to see it, it's going to be weird and epic (and epicly weird).


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