Random BullShh Generator

Random Bullsh*t generator banner

On the Trud of June

The Random Bullsh*t Generator is proud to misrepresent your hours at the Strawberry Fair once again to tickle your sides and put a SMiLE on your face.

It'll be spreading its muck around the Fair once more for your displeasure

Be warned some of it might stick.

Here's who we've got for you:

  • Scumbucket
  • Fagbuttz
  • Pete Um
  • Mr Zed
  • Mono Region
  • Tripp-Zoid
  • Simon Lee Morgan and his organ
  • Turderela and the glass Sh*tter with Spoons, Simon, Andy and Ann
  • including Drag Racing, custard pie fight, potato and other games.
  • Bell End Awards come an nominate your friend and explain why we should vote for them.
  • The Sex Cripples
  • The Urb
  • Dressing Gown Mob
  • Margret Scratcher
  • Ghost L4L
  • Horton Jupiter’s Cozmic Disco