Super Shady Nasty Extravanganza

This year will be the Super Shady Nasty Extravaganza brought to you by the WIGWAM crew. This will be our biggest and best show yet featuring some of the best in local funk, soul, Hip Hop, Ska bands and DJs providing nothing less than a right knees-up. 

Our stage name comes from inverting the Strawberry Fair Superhero theme in traditional Wigwam style. We’ve done this by becoming the villainous lair of the festival. Super Shady Nasty Extravaganza is a call-back to a misread bar sign in the TV show Always Sunny in Philadelphia which reads Shay Dynasty. I know, it was a seriously intelligent process. Creatives at their best.

This year we will be using a much bigger stage and with this bigger stage comes a bigger show with which we will be incorporating a villainous set design, moving light as well as many other funky and creepy effects. 

In previous years, WIGWAM prides itself on the tremendous energy reflected within the crowd from our acts. This year we aim to elevate this standard to next level and we are excited to announce our line up in due course so watch this space!