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We've been very busy planning for 2016 and the event is now starting to take shape. We've decided a theme and decided what the overall programme will look like. 

Upcoming Meetings:

Wednesday 6 January at 8.00pm at the NCI on Holland Street (just off Victoria Road), Cambridge
The first General Meeting of 2016

Wednesday 13 January at 8.00pm at the NCI on Holland Street (just off Victoria Road), Cambridge
Programming Group

Wednesday 20th January at 8.00pm at the NCI, Holland Street, Cambridge. All welcome
Finance and Fundraising Group

Wednesday 27th January at 8.00pm at the NCI, Holland Street, Cambridge. All welcome. Site and Infrastructure Group

There are now only five months left until Strawberry Fair 2016.

Event Update

What has been happening since the last update? Well applications are now open for traders, the Cambridge Band Competition is underway, a theme for Strawberry Fair 2016 has been decided and the areas that will be at the Fair have been agreed.

The Theme for 2016

The theme for 2016 will be Wildlife. Imagine different areas decorated as different habitats. Imagine stewards with brightly painted animal faces. Imagine bucket shakers in animal onesies. Imagine enough faux fur and leopard skin print to make Midsummer Common look like a glam rock festival………

I think you are getting the idea. T-shirts and more details to follow soon.


Without traders there would not be a Fair. It’s that simple. The money that traders pay to trade at Strawberry Fair helps keeps Strawberry Fair free, and if Strawberry Fair was not free it would not be Strawberry Fair. Traders are already applying to come to the Fair and in order to keep on top of the applications we could really do with a volunteer or two to help out. What do volunteers need to do? Well, it could not be simpler really. Traders apply to the Fair and volunteers then contact the traders, discuss the price and location of their pitch (there are price sheets) and agree the booking. Volunteers then pass the booking details to the Traders Manager who then sorts out invoicing. If you have a few hours a week (for one or more weeks) going spare and would like to be involved in this very important task please email

It you are thinking of trading at Strawberry Fair then you can find applications on our website

Cambridge Band Competition

Applications for Cambridge Band Competition 2016 opened on 15 December 2015, and will close on 29th January 2016. You may remember that the 2015 Competition was the 30th and was fittingly amazingly good with a high standard of entrants and fantastically enthusiastic audiences. We are hoping that the 31st will be equally memorable.

The Band Competition is actually two competitions. One for Under 18’s and one for Over 18’s. The heats for both will be held on the four Saturdays in March 2016 at the Portland Arms in Cambridge. The Under 18’s heats will be on the Saturday afternoons with three heats with the final on the fourth Saturday. The Over 18’s will have four heats in the evenings across the same four Saturdays. The winner of the Under 18’s Competition will also compete against the four heat winners from the Over 18’s competition at the Grand Final at The Junction on the evening of 29th April.

There will be prizes for the winners of course, and all finalists will have the chance to play a set at Strawberry Fair.

Application forms can be found via links on the Strawberry Fair website here:

If you want to help out then we can find a place for you at the Band Competition heats, whether you are helping fetch and carry, doing a spot of stewarding or selling merchandise we can always find something for you to do. If you would like to be involved please email

Area Proposals

Area proposals have been discussed and agreed at Programming Group meetings. It’s easy to think of Strawberry Fair as a single event but really it is a dozen or so events all happening at the same time in the basically the same place. Of course people have their favorite areas but one of the joys of a festival is wandering around, seeing what is happening in other bits of the site.

What are we bringing you this year? Something old, something new something blue.

Old favorites returning this year are: Scarecrow Corner, Cambridge 105 stage, Wigwam stage, Portland Ballroom, Kings Head, Village Green and the Rebel Arts Bandstand, Green Machine, Hatters Café, Super Mega Zone, Eastern Bloco and of course the Kidz Area.

Something new includes a new area from the Cambridge Buskers Festival, a new area featuring Elusive Audio, and a couple of surprises, of which more news to come.

And as for something blue? What else but the Random Bullshit Generator


The Strawberry Fair Volunteers Team will be at the Guildhall in Cambridge for Cambridge Hub's Volunteer for Cabridge Event. It will be on Saturday 30th January from 11am to 4pm. Come along to say hello and find out all about volunteering at Strawberry Fair (and all the other great volunteering opportunities in the city).

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