About the Fair

What makes Strawberry Fair special?

Starting the summer season in Cambridge for over 40 years

From humble beginnings, Strawberry Fair has grown to be the most popular free, entirely volunteer run, one day music & arts event in Cambridge (and probably across Europe!), attracting over 30,000 visitors throughout the day. On the first Saturday of June and now past our 40th year, residents and visitors have gathered together on Midsummer Common to celebrate their vibrant and creative city.

What puts the Fair at the heart of Cambridge?

The Fair is run entirely by volunteers (affectionately known as Strawberry Fairies) who give their energy, imagination and vision to present to their friends and neighbours in Cambridge, a great free day out.

We're all about taking pride in our community and put the local at the heart of the Fair as much as possible. We are not-for-profit and non-political, independent and self-funding. Strawberry Fair is run by the community for the community.

We love to see new faces among the Strawberry Fairies and need volunteers throughout the year to make the day of the Fair a success.


Yes, but what IS Strawberry Fair?

Strawberry Fair is a visual and musical extravaganza for all the family, a jamboree for people of all ages.

Strawberry Fair is a feast for music lovers and anyone who wants to participate in Community Arts.

Throughout the Fair, across 12 hours of the day, you can enjoy an eclectic range of music and performances from well over 100 groups, both local and from further afield.

The Fair has community stalls where you can find out what local people are doing to make Cambridge a happy and happening city. And, if you want to get your wallets out, there's crafts to buy and lots and lots of food to satisfy all tastes and appetites.

In Cambridge the Strawberry season starts early, with workshops, benefit gigs and of course the Cambridge Band Competition (now in it's 35th year), which starts with the new Under 18s competition in November, through to the various heats and finals in March.

If you live in or around Cambridge, there are plenty of opportunities for you to create, perform and take part. As you explore our website you'll find more information on the various elements that make us what we are.

And of course to the performers, the designers and the Fairies that all give up many of their own hours for free to make this happen: Strawberry Love to you all! x.