Your donations make a massive difference

Strawberry Fair wouldn't happen if it wasn't for the kind and generous donations, merchandise sales and support that we receive each year.

Every year the Fair is getting more cash-strapped as expenses mount and with our firm policy to ensure all activities and entertainment are accessible to all and free of charge, we always appreciate of anything that can be given to help secure the future of the fair and create an event that the community is proud of.

Donate through Paypal

We understand that disposable income is tight these days - that's why we've had to make this page - but no matter how small, all donations are really appreciated, as they help to keep the Fair free.

Pay by Card:

Do the QR thing:


Give on the day

We now partner with a number of charities and community organisations to accept donations on the day. If you see our bucket collectors, please give what change you can to help ensure the future of the Fair. 25% of the money taken goes to helping other local good causes, which is a significantly higher percentage than offered by similar events.

Support our gigs

Throughout the year, we hold a variety of fundraising events, from benefit gigs, through the Cambridge's Band Competition, to the Strawberry Sundae. Keep an eye on the calendar here and bring your friends along.

Buy our Strawberry goodies

We also have a wide selection of exclusive Strawberry Fair merchandise created locally, available from our stalls at the Fair and fundraising events.


We are proud to say that the fair is entirely run by volunteers, so if you can donate your skill or your time, please have a look at our get involved page.

And failing all of that, we hope that you could donate your smile on the day itself and enjoy yourself.