Virtual Strawberry Fair 2020

Actually the best thing in Cambridge on Saturday 6th June

Cambridge 105 Radio to broadcast virtual Strawberry Fair

Fans of music and arts festival Strawberry Fair will be able to participate in the event after all, thanks to Cambridge 105 Radio.

The local, and internet, radio station is to broadcast a 12-hour show on Saturday June 6th that will reflect the music, poetry and drama of the Midsummer Common event alongside additional material for children.

How do I listen?

Across the city and South Cambridgeshire tune your radio to 105 FM, use DAB Digital Radio. People outside of this area can go to Cambridge 105 Radio's website and listen online.

Here's what's happening on the day

Why not crack open a few cold ones – get the jerk chicken sizzling on the BBQ and settle down and get tuned in to Cambridge 105 Radio for a solid 12 hours of the magic of Strawberry Fair.

PLUS! for those that want to go the whole distance – Join us when that’s finished for the Virtual Strawberry Fair Dance After-Party with Supertunes and Green Machine!


11am: The fun starts with the build up to the fair broadcast on both Cambridge 105 Radio and Star. We’ll look at the history of the event and what goes in to putting the whole thing together!

12 noon: Carry on listening on Cambridge 105 Radio, where the Parade takes us onto the Common for the Mayor to officially open the Fair. Settle in to hearing some of the bands from this year’s Cambridge Band Competition on the Centre stage.

1pm: We head to the Kids Park for music, fun and stories and some tunes from the young acts on the Love Music Hate Racism Stage.

2pm: The Cambridge 105 Radio Stage itself is the venue for the fourth hour of the event. Did you know this will be the 10th Fair the station has been a part of? So they’ll be looking back at some of the highlights from the acts on the stage during that time together with a look at some fresh upcoming acts on the Folk scene.

3pm: It’s time to head to the Arts Area at the fair listen to some of the spoken word and poetry; hear from the artists involved in the area; and have an aural look around at some of their work.

4pm: Let’s head over to the Flying Pig where they present some of the best of the established Cambridge bands on their virtual stage.

5pm: Sit back and relax as we check into the Hatters Café. It starts with some of the best Jazz from the Cambridge Jazz Festival whilst you enjoy the coffee from their bar. After the Jazz settle down to some more great bands finishing with some great tunes from their resident DJ.

6pm: We take a wander around Scarecrow Corner at the far end of the Common, with an opening ceremony in the Druids circle, a look at some of the healing and campaign stalls whilst listening to some fantastic music from some of the best bands on the travelling festival scene.

7pm: Time to take in some more magical music and refreshments now at the largest indoor stage. The Portland Ballroom opens for us to sample songs from the 17 acts booked to play there this year. Plus! Find out how the Portland Arms sets up and runs the Bar on the day - and their support for the Fair all year long.

8pm: It’s time to hear from some of the Cambridge Buskers on the Cambuskers Showcase stage. Then wander over to listen in to what’s going down in the Random Bullshit Generator “pop up” stage area.

9pm: After the watershed we head over to the highly recommended Rebel Arts Stage where the emphasis is totally focused this year on female-fronted bands and the music is set to challenge.

10pm: And so to the last hour of the festival, as we visit a long-time favourite area of the fair the Wigwam Stage with our journey finally ending at the East end of the Common for some of the great great music presented by the Shady Nasty Crew and the Finale closing at 11pm.

BUT! If you’ve still got the stamina and you want to dance…come to the Cambridge 105 Radio Strawberry Fair after-party from 11pm for two hours of beats to get you jumping as the Supertunes DJs and Green Machine take to the airwaves!

Lots more information to come soon