Statement on Huntingdon Community Radio

Black Lives Matter

To everyone in the Huntingdon area who was already enjoying the broadcasts of Virtual Strawberry Fair 2020 on Huntingdon Community Radio and were looking forward to hearing more...

It was always intended that the Virtual Strawberry Fair 2020 radio shows would be available for broadcast by other local community radio stations. This was very much the vision of producer Trevor Dann, the volunteers from Cambridge 105 Radio and Strawberry Fair, and the Audio Content Fund that provided the grant funding.

However, following the recent decision by the management team at Huntingdon Community Radio to instruct its presenters that they are not allowed to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement in their shows, it has been agreed by Cambridge 105 Radio and Strawberry Fair that it is not appropriate for Huntingdon Community Radio to continue to broadcast the Virtual Strawberry Fair, so we have withdrawn permission for them to do so.

Strawberry Fair was founded to run a free event that is open to everyone to enjoy and equality, equity and inclusion remains at the very heart of everything that the Fair does. Cambridge 105 Radio was also founded on the same basic principles. Staying true to these ideals is important to us all.

Listen Online

We are sorry that listeners in the Huntingdon area will not be able to listen to Virtual Strawberry Fair on the radio. Fortunately all of the show is available on the Cambridge 105 Radio website so no one has to miss out.