Stewards' Briefing 18th May NCI , Holland Street

All hands on deck!!


Stewards are the lifeblood of Strawberry Fair and are the oil that allows the event to run smoothly.

Without Stewards there can be no fair - and it is essential that we are all properly trained and prepared for any eventuality that might happen on Fair day.

Every year we hold training sessions for the stewards at the fair, and given the long break of 3 years since the fair was last on, and the fact we have many new stewards (whether they'll be helping out for just a couple of hours or they'll be there all day), it is more important than ever that ALL our stewards and Area Heads are given the latest information on the roles and responsibilities of stewarding at the fair and know what to do if emergency situations arise.

SO if you are going to be a steward at the fair this year it is important that you come to next Wednesday's training session at 8pm on 18th May at the NCI on Holland Street IN PERSON if you possibly can!

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