Scarecrow Corner

Scarecrow Corner 2020

Upcomming Performances and Benefit Gigs

April 4th 2020

PAIN, The Blunders and The Skraelings

Saturday 19:30 · The Portland Arms · Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

May 21st 2020

Rory McLeod plus The Brewers Daughter

Thursday 19:30 · The Portland Arms · Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Pictures of the Day - 1st June

2019 saw the 22nd anniversary of the area at Strawberry Fair originally known as The Green Area, now Scarecrow Corner. The 1st year was opened by Siberian shamans and anarcho crust band 2000DS, with our roots firmly in the DIY social and environmental protest movements of Reclaim The Streets, Newbury and Solsbury Hill, etc. The area has held many attractions over the years, always including a large space for many campaign groups. Past years have seen the world's first bio-diesel pinball arcade, solar-powered cinema's, anti-war theatre groups, the Insect Circus Museum, Papa New Guinean tribes folk, tipi's, alternative underground news group, Schnews, anarchist libraries and a whole host of natural crafts mixed in with sideshow freaks!!

Many are still with us, such as the Herbal Apothecary, the Labyrinth, Willow Weavers, The Divination Dome and the Druids Tree Circle, not forgetting of course the Area Stage showcasing a variety of performers.

We've had a variety of different stages over the years from circus bigtops run on bio-diesel to the legendary Wango Riley's travelling Stage.

  • This year we were very pleased to welcome back the Soundscape Solar Stage keeping the area green and environmentally friendly with no generators.

scarecrow corner

The stage has always been a major attraction of the area and has hosted a great deal of musical genres and performers, showcasing the cream of the festival underground with a strong bias towards anarcho punk and the more unusual psychedelic acts as well as folk, reggae and dance music. Past acts include Seize The Day, 2000DS, Tragic Roundabout, Tarantism, Opaque, The Junk, One Eyed God, The Skraelings, Overload, Casual Nausea, The Defekters, Oryelle Defenestrate Bascule, Pink n Ruby, Emma Harper, Keltrix, The Rude Mechanicals, Figaro de Monmartre, Johnny Cage and the Voodoo Groove, P.A.I.N., Blackbird Raum, Back to the Planet, R.D.F and many, many more both local and international as well as DJ's from Life4Land, Uprizing, Last Gang in Town and Theatre ov thee Absur

Performers confirmed so far for 2019 were:

Lacertilia, The Blunders, Mr Marcaille, The Brewer’s Daughter, Terra, Cara Means Friend, Oryelle Defenestrate Bascule plus Last Gang in Town DJ's and more tbc.

Alongside all the regular attractions of the area, this year we welcomed back the Viking axe throwers and wood carvings and were very pleased to have newcomers: BowTop Larry, Hester’s warp weighted weaving loom and the Aurora Art Collective.

Add to all this mayhem the décor, the facepainters, healers, tarot readers, herbalists and witches, volunteers and stewards, litter droppers and litter pickers, punks and drunks, thrills and spills and lots of things to make your head go round abd it was fun, fun, fun until..... the end of the night!

scarecrow corner bands

Full line up and list of attractions will be announced in the weeks leading up to the Fair.

Upcoming Benefit Gigs in Cambridge

To be announced

Donating to Scarecrow Corner

Strawberry fair is a free festival run by volunteers. To assist funding the area, we have been hosting a series of benefit gigs throughout the year as well as holding our Grand Raffle.

If you can't make it to the Fair or don't live in Cambridge and can’t get to any of our benefit gigs, you can still make a donation to Scarecrow Corner or buy raffle tickets via PayPal.
To do this, just CLICK HERE which takes you through to the Strawberry Fair 'donate' page.


  1. Click on the 'donate through PayPal' button.
  2. Put the amount you wish to donate in the box.
  3. Log in to PayPal.
  4. Click on 'add special instructions to the seller' link.
  5. State clearly that your donation is for Scarecrow Corner/ how many raffle tickets you want to buy.
  6. Complete the payment.

Confirmation of your payment will then be sent to us.

Keeping In Touch

We have a Facebook page which is kept regularly up to date with all info about Scarecrow Corner - please like our page to stay informed and show your support.

Volunteering in Scarecrow Corner

We are always in need of help before, during and after the Fair, especially with promotion, stewarding and décor. If you would like to steward for 2 hours (or more) on the day of the Fair, please let us know and join our stewards group page.

If you would like to volunteer in any other capacity, please message us via the Scarecrow Corner Facebook page.

If you are in a band and would like to play the Fair, the Scarecrow Corner stage has enough acts to choose from for this year, but you can apply to play the Fair by filling in the form on the 'Perform at Strawberry Fair' page.

Peace and Love and look forward to seeing you in Scarecrow Corner on June 1st.