The Arts Area

Once There Was And Once There Was Not

Eastern Bloco emerged out of the old arts area in 2013 as we wanted to keep a section of the Fair specifically aimed at visual and performance artists. Here visitors join in the creativity started by Rebel Arts and Real Life. Four years later the artists have moved into their tents, the Free Tale and Free Shop offer an alternative shopping experience, the Wild Strawberries are slamming and jamming on their festival stage, the Bin Fairies have their HQ here and……the rest is up to you.

Eastern Bloco entrance

Rebel Arts is a loose affiliation of artistic activists highlighting and raising awareness of political issues surrounding us through a wide range of mediums. This year we are pleased to invite you to join us for creative, magical and unexpected moments featuring:


Artist's Tent City

Local, alternative, outside artists show art, in tents.

Come to look, watch, listen, debate, participate.

Artists showing are:

The fist logo

Our amazing 25-feet Geodome is where you will find theatre, comedy, a photography exhibition and some art workshops:

  • Mixed Bag Theatre presents 'A Mixed Bag of Twisted Tales', 2.00pm - 2.30pm with accompanying exhibition. The performance will be narrated for those with hearing impairments.

Mixed bag theatre banner

  • Kay Goodridge, photographic exhibition of photographic exhibition to accompany 'A Mixed Bag of Twisted Tales'. 
  • Amanda Keheller, Stand-Up comedy.

Amanda Kelleher

  • Meet Fairy Pom-Pom and her raggle-taggle, friendly gang of makers who love to share their skills to make a variety of Fairy Tale related items. Watch this space for details and times.
  • The Sofa – take the weight off those feet as you sit on our beloved multi-coloured and magical sofa. No wheels this year so it’s a bit like a throne for two or more.

Knitting blankets

There will also be stalls from:

  • Oblique Arts - Food Waste Reduction Campaign
  • Cambridge Greenpeace 
  • Cambridge Friends of the Earth
  • Centre 33
  • Kite


Wild Strawberries once again bring their lively 3-part event to our lucky area starring:

  • Spoken Word and Open Mic featuring special guests 12-7pm
  • Strawberry Slam in association with Hammer and Tongue, Cambridge 7-00pm–8-00pm
  • Strawberry Jam 8-00pm–finish!

Wild Strawberry tent


Our Free Tale is the place to change your wardrobe and re-invent yourself for FREE! It first emerged in 2009 as an antidote to the dominant notion that only clothing which is new is worthwhile and that secondhand outfits are also second rate. With the fashion industry’s insistent and relentless fairytales that beauty is more important than personality deciding to choose a new shirt or dress from our collection is an act of revolution. Don’t listen to these lies about what everyone WILL be wearing and when. Find something you might not have considered wearing before, re-think your style or make up a new one. Check out our fabulous washing lines and let your creativity flow.


The Free Shop offers an alternative to the traditional fairytale that a person’s value is based on their monetary worth and the experiences or possessions they can afford. With the world’s resources being under increasing pressure conserving those which we already have, need to be used wisely. There is not enough for everybody’s greed. There is enough for everybody’s need and that’s our basic ethos here. If you would like something in our shop please do take it. We have books, art, bric-a-brac, useful and decorative objects and miscellaneous wonders none of which can be bought and all of which are available for those who want them. Donate things and take away them away.

The Hedge, a woven environment created from recycled and found objects. Add your little bit of magic and spontaneous sparkle.

Last but not least are the Bin Fairies, a motley group who will be spreading Litter Picking Love throughout the day, out and about on the site at approximately 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.