The Arts Area

Clangers Versus Wombles in the Great Literary Explosion

Eastern Bloco entrance

Eastern Bloco emerged out of the old arts area in 2013. We wanted to keep a section of the Fair specifically for visual and performance artists. Here visitors join in the creativity started by Rebel Arts and curated by alternative artists. Five years later some of the artists have moved into their tents, making art that is amazing, inspiring, and always challenging. Free Tale and Free Shop offer an alternative shopping experience, Wild Strawberries poets and wordsmiths are slamming and jamming on their festival stage, the Geodesic Dome is a creative space where anything can happen and……the rest is up to you.

Eastern Bloco is a loose affiliation of artistic activists and creatives highlighting and raising awareness of political issues surrounding us through a wide range of mediums. We invite you to celebrate ordinary and spectacular people with us, join us for a rhapsodic, magniloquent, purple, political experience (that's part of the literary explosion!) with plenty of unexpected moments featuring:



Local, alternative, outside artists show art, in tents. Come to look, watch, listen, debate, participate.

Artists showing so far are:

Arts Area Magic Sofa

Our NEWLY BUILT amazing 25-feet Geodome is where you will find comedy, improvised/collaborative theatre and art workshops:

  • Colin Stevens - political comedian, standing up for the NHS
  • The old Vag Club 'just saying NO'!
  • Atlanta Georgia Neil Improvisation Artist
  • Plus more acts to be confirmed

PLUS, the Cambridge Arts Salon will be running a non-alcoholic cocktail bar for donations only. Take the weight off your feet and sip a cocktail, watch a scientist while sitting on our multi-coloured and magical knitted sofa. No wheels this year so it's a bit like a throne for two or more.


Wild Strawberry tent

Wild Strawberries once again bring their lively 3-part event to our lucky area starring:

  • Spoken Word and Open Mic featuring special guests 12-7pm
  • Strawberry Slam in association with Hammer and Tongue, Cambridge 7-00pm–8-00pm
  • Strawberry Jam 8-00pm–finish!




The place to change your wardrobe and re-invent yourself for FREE! It first emerged in 2009 as an antidote to the dominant notion that only clothing which is new is worthwhile and that secondhand outfits are always second rate. With the fashion industry’s insistent and relentless idea  that beauty is more important than personality, deciding to choose a new shirt or dress from our collection is an act of revolution. Don’t listen to these lies about what everyone WILL be wearing and when. Find something you might not have considered wearing before, re-think your style or make up a new one. Check out our fabulous washing lines and let your creativity flow.


An alternative to the constricting idea that a person’s value is based on their monetary worth and the possessions they can amass. With the world’s resources under increasing pressure those which we still have need to be used wisely. There is not enough for everybody’s greed. There is enough for everybody’s need and that’s our basic ethos here. If you would like something in our shop please do take it. We have books, art, bric-a-brac, useful and decorative objects and miscellaneous wonders none of which can be bought and all of which are available for those who want them. Donate things and take away them away.


We are delighted to welcome the fabulous women from Soapbox Science to the Arts Area this year. Be amazed, intrigued and debate grass-roots science. This outreach organisation brings cutting edge research on to urban streets and promotes the visibility of women in science. In colloboration with local artsits who have created visual responses to the subjects, three scientists on soapboxes will compete for the crowds' attention four times over the course of the day. You are invited to gather, learn, question, interact with, and even heckle the scientists as they share their love of their work. (Times to be confirmed).

There will be stalls from:

  • Cambridge Greenpeace
  • Cambridge Friends of the Earth
  • The UK Pie Party, who will be HEROICALLY taking a pie in the face from you and donating the proceeds to Cancer Charities and Hospices
  • And many more...

PO Box 1261, Cambridge, CB1 0YJ